Would you like a midnight sail? Eat dinner at Foxys on Friday Night? Eat Lobster at Sidney’s or Abes? Just call and ask

Private sailing charters, sailing lessons, snorkeling, weddings and memorials. Learn the fundamentals of sailing! Or just sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful Hinckley 48’ Yawl

Sail to un-inhabited islands. We have all the snorkel gear you will need. Your captain and mate will outfit you. Sail to a reef through an amazing ever-changing array of aquatic colors. Meet the fish, see the reef, and find a color you have never seen before.

Treat yourself to your own private two hour sunset sailing charter. Customize your experience to enjoy one of the most famous sunsets in the world. Great for special occasions like anniversaries, proposals, birthdays or memorials. A refreshing fruit tray along with an open bar will be provided. If you would like to design your day your way, please feel free to call and let us know what kind of event you are celebrating.

Nothing is more romantic than engagements and marriage at sea. Our team will work with you to create the celebration of your dreams. Captain Jay is fully licensed to perform weddings. He can help shape your wedding ceremony to be a true reflection of your partnership.

We will do all the work for you. Cakes, champagne, the works. Call for easy, clear, and complete pricing. We are a custom charter company and can create the experience you desire.